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What I can’t wait for.
What I can not wait for is my birthday.  I am turning 12.  It is June 15.  I am going out with my grand parent to get my nails done.  I am also going out [...]
What I am excited for.
What I am excited about is my baby brother’s birthday party.  His birthday was in April but we never had his birthday party.  We are probably going [...]
Salva Dut
Is a founder and president of Water for Sudan. He lived in the barbed wire enclosed camp with 92,000 other refugees for nearly six years. Flew to southern [...]
What I can’t wait for.
I can’t wait for my little cousins birthday.  He will be turning four I think.  He is going to have so much fun and that is all that matters.  He is [...]
My Weekend
This weekend I had fun.  I went to Noah’s house.  We had fun.  My sister Jasmine, Jayda and I went.  We went for a bike ride.  We went up town.  We [...]
My post
I have found this place called Ta Prohm. It looks like it was built in a forest or something. The reason I say that is because it has lots of trees around [...]
My weekend
I had a awesome weekend!  I went to a friends birthday.  His name was William.  He was turning five.  This is the reason why I went to his birthday. So it [...]
ZERP(zombie emergency response plan) write up
Well what I will need to defend myself is a sword, gun and a sharping stone I will need a sword because incase my gun jams up, I run out of ammo or if I [...]
Something that other people think is lame but I like.
In the game you get to, of course wrestle, other wrestlers. You get to pick from all of the famous wrestlers from now-a-days. Once you go on to campaign [...]
Paracord Braclets
We are starting a business in our class.  We are making paracord bracelets.  they look very cool.  They are made out of this string called paracord.  You [...]
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